Engineered wood is a manufactured product, adaptive to any setting and environment, providing extra quality and style with the same power and potential for domestic projects and high traffic commercial building rooms. Engineered wood is hard-wearing and has resistance to moisture, high traffic and other flooring issues causers, also low-maintenance and beautiful flooring, which makes it suitable for… well, for everywhere and everyone.

With the variety of installation option the material comes, engineered wood planks can be fitted even over a damp and uneven surface, also perfect for more challenging projects. Therefore we at Engineered Floor Fitters suggest the engineered floor fitting for every remodelling project around the London area because it will add longevity, durability, elegance and warmth. No matter if you are a domestic or commercial contractor with a business in the restaurant, retail and showrooms, clubs and bars area, or you are planning school remodelling, we can help you, just call us!