Our experience and completed projects can back us up as professionals in commercial engineered wood floor installation in London. We have started to think that if someone decides to gather all the engineered wood floorings, done by us in one place it will result in several sports arenas. And fans will enjoy happily perfectly engineered wood flooring constructions in every arena and common area. Well, this is the little Utopia we dream of often. And, in fact, we do try to make it a reality by starting with the perfect domestic and commercial fitting in London and who knows, maybe someday we will make the world a better place for all the flooring lovers.

After this short lyrical deviation let us tell you more about the fitting service we provide. Engineered wood is a popular flooring option on the market nowadays due to so many reasons and benefits. First, the material is affordable and a great long term investment. In addition, engineered wood is a manufactured product, made by combining numerous lumber layers which make it extra durable and solid. Also, the real wood top layer of the material comes in so many variations and wood species, exactly like the hardwood timbers, and can bring the same visual value to every room. Finally, engineered wood flooring is easy to maintain, it doesn’t require constantly booking refinishing services, it's not that sensitive to the aggressive working place environment and high traffic as hardwood. If treated with the proper hardwearing finishing product on top, this wood construction will last you practically forever!

With such a rich palette of benefits engineered wood is really a great option for the working space since it covers all the criteria for unpretentious and professional-looking flooring. So this is the reason an increasing number of commercial clients ask us for help when it comes to engineered flooring. Let’s talk further about the installation service itself. The fitting service we offer is recognisable because of the professional, timely and well-organised manner of our team.

We know the demands and the rules of the business world and also know that as a businessman you can’t afford to take too much time and energy on a single remodelling project. This is the reason our experts designed a great installation strategy selecting successful and proven services in order to provide the best results in no time and for an affordable price. In addition, working on a low budget is not a challenge for us because we keep it in mind and suggest only the necessary services with no extra charges and hidden costs. Finally, the quality of our services, according to the highest standards in the profession guarantees you an amazing flooring outcome which will not only make you look more professional and give you confidence but also will create a neat and nice working atmosphere for you and your co-workers thus creating positive impressions to your clients.