Retail and showroom engineered wood floor fitting in London is one of the most popular services our commercial clients ask us for. If you are in the retail and showrooms business you better know the power of a good presentation and the way it impresses the clients. Showcasing the best features of the products is a time-proven and successful formula for making your business grow bigger and draw clients in like a magnet. Did you know the elegant and modern flooring can highlight the appeal of every product, working for a perfect, professional-looking and confident background to express your business values, visions and style? Engineered wood is a great option in that case.

Engineered wood floors come with a lot of benefits and good features. The material is a manufactured product made from numerous layers of lumber material or plywood, glued together and with a real wood top layer. That means engineered wood is a solid and durable product, adding a lot of longevity to the floor construction. Adding a hard-wearing protective finish to prevent everyday use and high traffic damages and wear and tear will make your flooring practically everlasting and save you additional costs for annual sanding and refinishing. Engineered wood planks come also in a variety of wood species with different textures, pigmentation and style and bring the elegance and simple class of the hardwood installations.

In addition, engineered wood compositions are really easy to maintenance and install and a lot of the commercial clients in London purchase exactly engineered floor fitting for their remodelling projects for the above-listed reasons. Engineered wood planks are easy to install, coming in a tongue-and-groove installation system and providing a variety of several installation styles. This makes the type of flooring suitable for every project, every room, different dimensions and settle.

Most of the floor fitting experts don’t recommend hardwood constructions onto the damp and uneven subfloor and this is for a reason because solid wood can’t adapt to this kind of setting and wood is most likely to crack and get loose with time. And here engineered wood is your great alternative because it can be fitted floating way by glueing or nailing the planks each other over the unlevelled and damp subfloor and insulation moisture barrier underlay.

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