We all have heard about the benefits of wooden flooring – it is durable, resistant, it never loses its contemporary look, etc. But a crucial moment for its long-lasting properties is the installation itself. The methods for the floor fitting are called click-lock and tongue-and-groove. And when you are going to install a new floor in your home, you are going to hear those two expressions very often. But what are the advantages and disadvantages they have? We will try to explain them down in this article.

The so-called method, “tongue-and-groove”, is the preferred method for installation by experts in the field of flooring. What is it actually? Each board of the floor has a slot on the one side of the so-called groove, and on the other side, there is a ridge or the tongue. When it is installed, the tongue fits into the groove and in this way, it will be installed more stable.

But this method is not as simple as it may sound to you. The two boards have to be fitted very well, because otherwise, this may cause you problems in future – it is more likely gaps to appear between the planks. And your floor will not look as good as it should be.

We advise you to always use the services of a professional flooring company when it comes to the installation of flooring. Because many things, no matter how simple it may look, have their special features and require certain skills, in order to be done correctly. By using this method, you have to know the right quantity of glue that has to be applied. And if it is less or more, it may lead to the bad look of the flooring at the end.

In the other method, click-lock, the two boards of the flooring have to be put correctly together, and at a certain position, they are fitted together. If you want to separate the planks, you have to unclick them. This method of installation is much easier and faster, but it requires the surface on which the flooring will be installed, to be smooth, and it a little bit more complicated when it is installed on premises with irregular shape.

The wood, because of its natural character, can vary in sizes of planks and by the methods, used for installing it. Before you select the flooring you want for your home, contact flooring experts that will give you information about the differences between the floorings, produced by the many flooring companies on the market, what is the best option for you, and what method of instalment you to choose. If you need more details, do not hesitate to call Engineered Floor Fitters.