The wooden flooring, made from multiple layers, has its advantages, compared to the natural wooden flooring. We are going to explain some of them down in this article, and we think that they will be very useful for you when you make the decision for its installation in your home

Better durability, compared to the other types of flooring

Unlike the natural wooden flooring, the one, made from multiple layers will not be so prone to natural movements. There is not any kind of floor that will not undergo contractions and expansions, but with especially this kind, you will not have so many problems. Because of the many layers, it is made of, they change the direction of the movements and in this way, your flooring is much more durable.

The positive features of the engineered flooring

One of the major advantages of the engineered flooring is the fact that it is an eco-product and does not consume so much wood as natural wooden flooring. The species of wood, used for their production, are the one that grows fast. Their upper layer is produced from trees, that are not very valuable and by this the engineered flooring is a cheaper alternative to choose for your home.

The engineered flooring was invented more than sixty years ago. This kind of parquet is more preferred by the people because of its cheaper price and its durability. Nowadays the engineered flooring is offered in many variations and types. Its layers vary in thickness and height, in order to be appropriate for any type of premise.

Possibility for sanding

The multi-layer flooring is as easy to be sanded as natural wooden flooring. But you should have in mind that its upper layer cannot be sanded too many times – this depends on its state You should contact a professional company, which will be able to consult you if it is possible to have your engineered flooring sanded again.

Durability, no matter of the temperatures and the humidity

The natural wooden flooring is highly dependant on weather conditions and climate changes. The reason for this is that it is made from a completely natural material, which is wood. This dependency on the changes in the climate gives its expression in the contractions and expansions, during the summer and winter months. The engineered flooring, thanks to its multi-layer structure, is not so dependent on these changes in the weather. The movements are limited to the minimum. The manufacturers of this type of floor have reached the perfect balance between the layers, and this guarantees the durability and stability of it in your home.