Nowadays, the kitchens have turned into a room with quite versatile functions. Apart from a place where the food for the whole family is prepared, it is the place where the family gathers together, where you drink your morning coffee, or you can also use it to meet with your friends for a cup of tea. Because of the variety of functions that it fulfils, the flooring in this room has to be really resistant and durable in time. We have made a selection of different properties that are needed for the kitchen floor in your home.


The kitchen is a room in your home, where a lot happens. There is always a possibility of spills, or dropping some heavy objects; the traffic can be a bit intense. And the flooring has to be really durable, in order to withstand all this. It would be even better if it is resistant to scratches because in this way you will keep it beautiful for a longer time. The variants that are appropriate are engineered wood flooring and laminate because both of them will be very resistant in time. The preferred pattern by the customers is the oak, making the room look more traditional and stylish. If you select the engineered flooring, you can combine it with the heating installation. The advantage of laminate is that it is scratch-resistant and this is a good solution for this room. Both variants of flooring are also good because they are quite resistant to moisture and spills, which are likely to occur in this premise.

Easy to clean and maintain

The flooring in the kitchen gets dirty very easy and that is why the flooring in this room has to be easy for cleaning. If you select tiles for this room, you should be aware that their cleaning can be really hard and time-consuming. The correct variant again would be the laminate and the engineered flooring. They can be cleaned very easy, just with a mop and the appropriate detergent.

Interior of the room

Just like furnishing any other room in your home, you have to make sure that the flooring you select for the kitchen fits with the other pieces of furniture there. If the kitchen is on the same premises as the living room, you have to fit the flooring with them both. You also have to take care of the warmth in the kitchen, because in the winter months you will have to make sure that your feet are warm so that you can feel good while cooking. The correct variant, in this case, is also the laminate. You can also install heating under it. Another advantage of this kind of flooring is that it can be found in almost every shade and colour, so you will easily combine it with the furniture and the other part of the room.