Have you ever considered the idea of installing a wooden floor on your balcony? Well, you might think that this is clearly impossible, a waste of money and a super-duper stupid investment, but what if we tell you that you are wrong? What if we tell you that installing a wooden floor at your balcony is one of the best ideas? What if we tell you that a balcony wooden floor can survive the aggressive outdoor environments, the moisture and the humidity and still look amazing and feel great? Probably you won’t believe us, that is why we are going to share with you more evidence for supporting this argument!

Let’s start with how lucky you are for having a balcony, lucky you! Having a balcony is a big advantage and a rare feature of the houses in the UK. So, it is pretty easy to understand why when having a balcony, you are not completely sure on how to decorate it, what type of flooring to choose for it and what to do with it in general! It is amazing how a bit of planning and a few smart decisions will provide you with a whole lot of value from even the smallest balconies! No matter what your goal, be it eating outside, building a lounge area, having it like a small garden, or a play zone for the children, it pays to think how best to utilise your balcony and make it work for your lifestyle!

Something we know for sure is that wood flooring options for balcony have to be high on your agenda! However, wood flooring options for indoor use are simply not worth the effort and money if you install them outside that is why you need to know all your options appropriate for your balcony. Decking is your answer!

Decking is a great way to utilise your outdoor spaces and it is particularly good for your balcony that you can source on a great price. There is everything, from expensive to on a reasonable price, from dark to light colours, from prime to rustic grades, you can find particularly dozens and dozens of options and settle on the perfect decking option that meets your expectations and answers your personal taste and preferences.

When it comes to choosing to the deck, the first thing you need to consider is whether you want hardwood or not. There are both hardwood and composite decking options available on the market and your choice between these two, to a large extend, depends on your attitude to maintenance. Hardwood decking is not necessarily very time- and energy-consuming in terms of maintenance, however, it requires a bit more care and attention because of the nature of the wooden material. However, these efforts are totally going to pay off, because hardwood decking is super beautiful and natural-looking.

Choosing a flooring or decking option for your balcony is not a light decision. Why not asking for some professional advice and recommendation first? Be sure to get in touch with your local wood flooring specialists and service contractors.