Hello there is the second part of the article series. Today we are continuing with a deeper look at the main things you have to look for when buying a new house with a wooden floor. Take advantage and be sure you are making the best decision by paying attention to alarming features your new wooden floor can come with.

Solid or engineered wood

Well, discussion as old as time and enough controversial already. In fact, there is an equal quantity of fans from both fandoms, however, we are going to point out the main advantages and disadvantages of both options. Overall, solid wood is a classic, traditional option. It is the first to be used as a flooring option and is time-proven as solid and beautiful, a common choice for many. One of the main advantages of solid wood is the fact that the timbers are thicker than engineered wood’s planks and because of that can be re-sanded and re-finished multiple times.

This gives you the flexibility to change the appearance of your floor in colour and finish multiple times too and easily get rid of the scratches and other minor imperfections. Engineered wood, on the other hand, is a result of the combination of traditional appearance and innovative construction that guarantees your floor will be less prone to major issues and problems, unlike solid wood. Engineered wood allows more flexibility with the installation methods and the installation of the underfloor heating system too.

You don’t have a wooden floor yet… what to be aware of?

If you are planning an installation of a new wooden floor, paying attention to the subfloor you have to work with is a crucial thing and if you plan things ahead, you are guaranteed to have a long-lasting and very stable construction at the end. A concrete subfloor is one of the most popular and common. Let the professionals inspect the concrete underneath the old carpet, or whatever it can be found underneath there. A concrete surface needs to be completely levelled, dry and clean, before fitting your new wooden planks above.

If for some reason concrete’s surface cannot be completely even, or there are running pipes and wires across the room, the appropriate underlay underneath the solid wood timber is the way to go, while engineered wood planks can be arranged floating. If you have to work with a plywood subfloor, consider yourself lucky, because this allows you all the limited options you couldn’t access with concrete. Also, keep in mind the doors and if there is enough room for them. Cutting a metal door is way more expensive than cutting a wooden one in order to fit it to the new high the new floor is going to give to the room.

What to look out for, when there is already a hardwood floor installed?

Having a solid wood floor to start with is luck, since you can easily re-sand and re-finish it and make it look brand new. Be sure to ask the professionals for some help, since the solid wood floor might be too old for re-sanding to happen, but this is a rare thing. On the other hand, the existing solid wood surface has to be re-finished in the same type of finish the old one was, so if you are not completely sure – call the professionals, once again.

If you have an engineered wood to start with, there are some chances that you wouldn’t be able to refinish it since some engineered wood types are too thin to be re-sanded and you are also limited in re-sanding services when it comes to engineered wood. While most of the issues and problems can be easily be repaired and fixed by professionals, there are some major issues that often cost more to be fixed, than buying a new floor, in this case, be sure to make recommendations and advice from someone with experience and knowledge.

What to not be concerned about, when it comes to solid wood and engineered wood

Here are all the minor issues that are easily solvable by one, or a couple of sanding, re-finishing and improvement services. Older wood has more flaws and character, in general, but if these flaws do not put the stability and solidness of the whole construction at risk, why removing them? On a second note, a common problem could be the pet and water stains that are left from the previous owners – these can be easily solved with a quick sanding service that will achieve an even in colour and texture appearance. Creaking in the wood, some small gaps and scratches, some patches of discolouration – all these are not alarming and can be easily removed with a few swipes of the sanding belt. So do not let them bitter your day!