When it comes to real wood flooring, there are essentially four groups of wood flooring grades in grading order you can choose from – prime, select, natural and rustic. Prime grade is highly uniform in its look and appearance, barely showing the grain of the wood, hardly ever the presence of knots, swirls and natural pattern and texture in general, looking extremely even across the surface. It is a popular opinion that prime grade is the best wood flooring grade because of its sleek, almost “perfect” look, but this is a big misunderstanding in general. Every wood flooring grade has its own beauty and uniqueness and every wood grade has its popularity and fans. The fact that one grade is named “prime”, doesn’t mean that all other grades are of lower quality and bring fewer benefits and advantages to the floor owners. Although prime grade was very popular over the past few years, the current trends show to us that many people are going on the other end of the spectrum, going for rustic or farmhouse grade wood flooring and enjoying the unique and very natural look a lot!

Rustic or farmhouse wood grades are known for looking very natural and unique with a big number of knots, holes, swirls and other natural patterns. In fact, we find that this is the most interesting wood grade, creating one-of-a-kind floors with unique patterns and a very eye-catching and attractive style. Another big advantage of purchasing rustic grade wood flooring is the price that is significantly lower but not because of less quality and no solidness and strength. Because of the grading order system, many people believe that since farmhouse is at the bottom of the list that means that it is in some way less desirable and less attractive than the others, but this is wrong in so many means.

Rustic or farmhouse graded wood is suitable for any space and any environment. As you may know, solid wood floors are pretty sensitive to moisture, high-temperature amplitudes and other environmental impact, which make them not the best choice for areas, where the above mentioned are issues. However, engineered wood floors come with a specific construction of crisscrossed layers that are highly resistant to moisture, humidity and temperature changes. That makes engineered wood floors the perfect solution for areas like kitchens, bathrooms, basements and even commercial premises. You can always choose engineered wood in rustic grade and enjoy a highly hard-wearing and long-lasting floor with unique beauty for less money.

Overall, here are the main benefits and advantages of purchasing rustic or farmhouse wood grade:

  • Visually interesting and unique natural wood patterns;
  • It costs less than the other wood grades;
  • Available in solid and engineered wood flooring options, which means you can enjoy it in areas, where moisture, humidity and temperature changes are an issue, also over uneven and damp subfloors and underfloor heating systems;
  • It also comes in a wide range of colors, finishes, effects and textures;
  • It is available in almost any wood species you can think of.