Engineered wood floors tend to be pretty neglected in terms of design, at least that is what people think often. Yes, engineered wood floors are very durable, very solid, less sensitive to the damage causes a hardwood floor struggles with often like moisture and humidity and engineered wood is overall the right choice for almost any situation and occasion and even in extreme conditions. Hands down, engineered wood floors are great and highly hard-wearing and the majority of the clients prefer them for all the above mentioned amazing qualities.

However, engineered wood’s strongest side is not exactly a variety of designs, colours, textures, grains and wood species. While engineered wood’s construction is always topped up with lamella that is made out of real wood and can be made out of all those different wood species, colours and grains available for solid wood floors, the manufacturers tend to be not that creative and inspired and they often don’t utilise all the resources that are otherwise available for solid wood floors. This is a true shame because engineered wood has the full potential to be impressively durable and solid and extreme and unusual in design at the same time and even throw a permanent shadow over traditional and exotic hardwood floors.

The good news is that in the last couple of decades things on the engineered wood flooring market tend to get better. With every year designers and manufacturers tend to get more resourceful and inspired, when it comes to design and exotic and fun hardwoods used. Even further, today we can talk about current engineered wood trends that are something new and exciting, considering the fact that a few years ago there was almost impossible to find something beyond the limits of the classical designs and domestic hardwoods.

So, which are the current trends in engineered wood flooring? Let’s have a look!

  • Plank width expands slowly but surely and this is a general trend in solid wood and engineered wood manufacturing for the past few years already. Wide planks are here to stay and this trend won’t pass anytime soon, which makes us happy. Wide planks have many advantages, the biggest out of them is their ability to make small spaces appear bigger and airy and spacious rooms to appear even more spacious!
  • Colors make a comeback! Enough with the boring monochrome and minimalistic trends, enough classic feel, we are ready for something more exciting and bolder! An engineered wood flooring in the bold colour of your choice can make a real statement and be the focal point of your room, so you don’t need anything else to make a lasting first impression!
  • Reclaimed and eco-friendly are the new blacks! Besides the ethical and moral aspects of the choice of buying reclaimed wood flooring and giving it a second chance, there is also a lot of pros in terms of originality and design. In fact, reclaimed wood flooring is a true piece of art with its unique look, its own story and character and one-of-a-kind appearance.
  • Slightly different from the colour options, but now a drop less bold and attractive is the engineered wood flooring with smoked effect. Deep smoked engineered wood planks add a lot of drama, richness, creativity, inspiration and individual character to any space. The smoked effect achieves great and dramatic contrast in grain and texture that no one and nothing can beat up!