If you keep teaching with our blog, you already know that last time we have started sharing with you our helpful guide that features the most popular and best-recommended wood species that are used for manufacturing domestic wooden floors as well as wooden floors that are installed in the business and commercial premises and facilities. From extremely hard and durable options to softer and more flexible, plus all the beauties of the rustic, prime and distinctive-looking grains and colours, we make sure to feature all the best options you have on the flooring market and help you make a smart choice and spend your money on a long-lasting investment. So, without further ado, let’s jump right in and have a look at the rest of the wood species we recommend you to consider for your installation project and plan!


We do not blame you if you are not familiar with what Jatoba is and why it is so highly recommended by professionals. After all, it is our job to introduce you to all the best wood species that can be found on the local market. However, Jatoba is an exotic wood species that quickly starts to gain a lot of popularity and here is why! Jatoba is a very, very beautiful wood species with a rich and deep colour and a true champion in terms of hardness. Jatoba is almost twice as strong and as hard as oak and highly resistant to scratching, dents and such. Jatoba is truly an excellent lifelong investment.


Maple is popular and often preferred wood species for domestic floors. It comes with a lighter and brighter palette and adds an open, airy and spacious feel whenever it is installed. It is also very easy to maintain and look after and will not show scratches and dents that easily, more like camouflage them successfully.


Merbau is one of the most unique options we share today, thanks to the mineral deposits it has on the surface that add a lot to its uniqueness and character and benefit each interior design with a charming and beautiful appearance. Merbau is also a very durable and long-lasting option and suitable for indoor and outdoor installation.


This wouldn’t be a wood flooring guide if we miss mentioning the oh-so-loved and popular, the king of all domestic wood species out there – oak! There is a reason why oak is so highly preferred and recommended – it comes with a very wide and vast palette of different shades, colours and undertones that add a lot of individuality and charm in its appearance and provide the clients with a huge choice. Oak is also very, very durable and suitable for fitting everywhere.


Rosewood requires little to no maintenance and also great durability. Rosewood flooring provides its owner with rich tones and a feeling of opulence. Usually, rosewood comes with a fairly straight grain, which makes it ideal if you are going for a clean and minimalistic style.


After oak, walnut is probably the second most popular option, when it comes to real wood flooring. Walnut is incredibly dense and durable, dark and dramatic in colour, with a knotty grain and practically a very, very smart investment.