If you are planning to purchase a wooden floor, there are many things you have to consider and think over. It may surprise you, but one of the things that are very important for the appearance and long-lasting power of the wooden floor is dependable in a big part of the length of the wood flooring boards. Knowing the specific effect a wood board’s length can give you and add to the interior and the overall atmosphere can help you a lot to make the smartest choice, so be sure to have a look at the information, advice and recommendation shared below and also be sure to ask us your additional questions, if you have some.

Short and longboards usually come in one pack, when they are all one size. While shortboards can be as short as 30cm, longboards can reach up to 1.5m. On the other hand, random sizes come in packs with a range of board sizes and are usually cheaper than the other options. Here are the aspects you have to consider:

Your budget

If you are on a tighter budget, then longer boards are something you have to avoid. However, if you are really a fan of the look longer boards can provide you with, then be sure to save a bit more money, because this is a bigger investment. It is a better idea to opt for short and random length if you are on a budget. Shortboards on an affordable price may be a bit of a challenge to find, however not the mission impossible. It is a common thing for people to want to make their boards look random length once they are fitted, so do not waste your money on more expensive options if you are planning to enjoy the random length look.

The length of the wood flooring boards

The length of the wood flooring boards have a big effect on whether the room where installed will look more spacious, or not. If you have a large room, then longboards can enhance the airy feeling and make the room look even bigger. The same goes with using longboards for making tiny rooms appear more spacious. On another side, shortboards can achieve the same effect, or make the room look smaller than it is. After all, it all depends on the individual size, dimensions of the room and a number of other reasons, so be sure to discuss your individual project with a professional that may advise you how to achieve the desired look.

The final look

If you are not sure about the final look you are going for, getting inspired is the best way to understand what you really like and what will suit your individual project. Be sure to have a look at what is showed in the magazines and around the internet and do not hesitate to ask the flooring professionals for advice and recommendations.