You have a wood flooring installation idea or project in progress. You are on a hunt for the best materials, highest quality hardwoods, the most beautiful option that will ideally fit your style and interior design, the most long-lasting and hard-wearing alternative, the easiest to take care of, to clean and maintain in good condition and look… And then someone comes into your life and start convincing you that you don’t need a wood flooring installation project. You don’t need this wooden floor. Your existing floor is in ok condition. You don’t have to blow your hard-earned money on such a thing. It is not a smart investment…

Well, do you know what? You don’t need that much negativity in your life! You don’t need these negative people! You just need a new wooden floor, no matter what! And we are all about convincing you to buy a new one because we sell them… Well, just kidding, or not really, but if you ask us wood flooring is the best thing that can happen to your house, your workplace, your interior design, your everyday life. Because of that, here are four ways to answer all those people that try to convince you that you just don’t need that wooden floor in your life. Because you need it and you are going to purchase one anyway.

Why do you need to install a new floor?

Well, since when installing a new wooden flooring needs a reason? It is convenient, it is very beautiful and easy to maintain. Isn’t that just enough? Take time to point the obvious, in case it is obvious that you are in real need of a floor renovation and replacement project! If it is not that obvious at all, then pretend it really is. You can point to all the cracks, gaps, chipped finish, discolouration, loose planks, stains that won’t come out never. You can point out how hard it is to clean this floor properly. You can also point out how dangerous it is to walk over a curled floor with all the possible tripping and falling. You can also point out how behind the current trends your floor is. If all this doesn’t work, then you can simply sacrifice these annoying people to Satan. Well, that escalated quickly!

You can’t afford to install a new floor

You know what? You actually can afford to install a new floor! You work hard for your money and you can invest them wherever and whenever you want. And what better investment than a home improvement project, especially when it comes to wood flooring. Because of a wood floor worth every penny and it is an investment in the long-term that will pay off with loyal service, unbeatable appearance and a lot of comforts. After all, hardwoods are really not expensive nowadays and an installation service won’t break the bank too.

It’s a luxury you don’t need

We have already talked about the financial aspect of this conversation and project. And we have already talked about that wooden flooring is not a luxury, it is a smart investment that pays off with time. In fact, purchasing it is not an impulse decision, it is also not something you are going to do every year, because if well-maintained it can last up to 100 years.

It will take too long to install it

It will take too long. But if we were living 20 years ago. Nowadays all of the installation experts work with advanced methods and equipment that is a really fascinating innovation and cutting-edge success. With so much experience and an effective professional approach, even the most challenging project won’t take more than just a couple of days.